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This is how new servers are now working: +no_sslv2 +no_sslv3 +no_tlsv1 +no_tlsv1_1

That is how all our new servers are setup and the old ones are being scrapped. We will no longer be providing tlsv1 and 1.1 support.


Emails missing / not arrived or slow

If your emails have not arrived, its likely due to one of our advanced antispam services.

The first thing we would recommend you check is your webmail, on the left click Junk Email, if your email is showing in this folder, you can right click it, then go to mark and select not as spam. Then drag and drop the item to your inbox if it does not automatically transfer to your inbox.

If the email is not in your inbox or Junk folder, this is a sign that the senders mail server is not configured correctly, We use one of the best new methods of refusing spam emails, this is called greylistings, if the senders mail server is old or badly configured, this may not accept the email, the email would bounce back to the sender.

If you want to disable greylistings, in webmail, go to settings and click Account settings and tick "disable greylistings" this is on the first tab at the bottom, then click Save. Our usual antispam service will still scan your emails, but you may experience a small increase in Spam emails getting thou

 From 11th April 2014, clients with weak passwords maybe prompted to change them to secure passwords. 

Windows customers using Webmail will be asked to change password on next login if your password is weak.  Multiple Software Trading  recommend making very unique passwords everytime, never use passwords such as password, pass123, 12345, etc.
 Make sure passwords that only you will know and no one will...

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