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Our Window Web site hosting Covers Android  Technology , Mobile application and Macintosh computers. It is easily reliable and flexible software online which covers the latest technology during online email communication.

 Our Hosting Server have facilities to transfer back up from one server to another Server.

Setting  Options :

Click : Folder Auto Clean--------- Make setting : Default  auto – clean settings.
if  user need auto-clean filtration  for any use Setting:
click option:  override auto-clean setting for this account
Apply any folder where they need auto-filtration option like  Indox- Send-Junk- Delete 
Emails will be auto-cleaned from online server


Multiple Software Technology Trading Establishment  is registered by Chamber of Commerce 
Membership # 88897

Registered by Ministry of Foreign Affairs



This is to let you know that we are performing an emergency maintenance on  right now due to the recent issues the server has been experiencing. An emergency file system check will be performed on all hard drives and partitions.
This maintenance will be for two hours and thanks for your patience.