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Multiple Software Technology Trading Establishment  is registered by Chamber of Commerce 
Membership # 88897

Registered by Ministry of Foreign Affairs



This is to let you know that we are performing an emergency maintenance on  right now due to the recent issues the server has been experiencing. An emergency file system check will be performed on all hard drives and partitions.
This maintenance will be for two hours and thanks for your patience.




From August 1st ,2011 we have blocked email forwarding to free email addresses such as : ,  ,   , , , ,  , , ,  and .

When spam is sent to your email address. it gets forwarded to your free email address, the provider see us as being a spammer and blocks our email servers from being able to email the likes of AOL, and Yahoo which then block lists our servers.

To protect our customers we have blocked email forwarding from being able to be sent to these domain names.

Note: this will not affect normal emailing , just email forwarding or multi-Recipient addresses



 How Can you control Spam Email in Smarter mail ?

Account Setting : click to  "User" Option  there is one option: "Diable greylisting" ( if user do not need spam mails ,just click there.)
All extra spam emails will be stopped.


Setting --- Advance Setting -- Compose> Set encoding Text - Unicode ( UTF-8) (Arabic ISO)

then apply the command , Your smarter mail will be supported Arabic Language.