Cybersecurity Compliance (CCC)

We empower the cloud solution and Cyber security system for large enterprises and small enterprises.

Cyber Security Services:

Multiple software provides data security solution for small and big enterprises in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Cyber security compliance are critical components in keeping your data safe, whether it’s for your company or for your users.

Multiple Software (Saudi softech) managed IT services included complete cyber security compliance. We’ll ensure that your company’s data is secure.

IT security is critical in today’s digital period when significant business data breaches are becoming more regular.

Companies who actively try to protect their data and the data of their customers will be far better prepared to adapt in the future. Furthermore, investing in data privacy benefits in the more ways than one. It lowers your financial risks and gives you peace of mind.


What is Included in our Cyber Security Services?
When do you hire your company for cyber security then we get access whole suites of services:

Email Protection:
We can safeguard your business email flow from spam, malware, phishing, whaling, and malware threats using Microsoft Cloud solution and email security filtering with advanced threat prevention.

Threat Management:
We provide thoroughly IT system monitoring so that threats and weaknesses can be identified rapidly? We have the ability to neutralize these dangers before they cause devastation.


Firewall Protection:
We set up and manage your firewalls, regularly scanning them for flaws. We also provide you with frequent reports on the security of your IT system.

Cyber Security Consultancy:
Our certified specialists can assist you in resolving any cyber security issues as well as establishing and maintaining a safe IT infrastructure.

Backup and Disaster Recovery 
We take the backup your data on a regular basis and give you with the corresponding reports. Your vital data may be restored using our backup tools, which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as emergency email mailboxes to keep your business communicating in the event of a crisis.


Flexible Microsoft licenses for any business requirement:

Subscription the licenses from Multiple software Co Cyber Protection are available for one, three or five years included with maintenance.

Our recommended license both are physical and cloud systems, as well as virtual hosts. Additionally, with any license you can support an unlimited number of VMs (Virtual Memory System). It couldn't be easier – simply count the servers, workstations, hosts and VMs you want to cover and you're done.

Microsoft Cloud Storage is also licensed as a subscription with several capacity and duration options.


Patch management:

Multiple software covers the Software patches and updating are essential to securing a business environment and can fix known vulnerabilities before they become issues. With patch management support from Microsoft and third-party software on Windows, you can easily schedule or manually deploy patches to keep data safe.



Support your clients’ digital transformation with simple file and link sharing, controlled access with custom permissions, eSigning, and file notarization.


Leverage a HIPAA-compliant file sync and share service with encryption at rest and in transit, full control over data location, and data authenticity.


Increase client retention and generate new revenue streams by expanding your offering with an advanced file sync and share service that supports all platforms.


What is the objective of Cyber Security Compliance?

The objective of Cyber Security Compliance was to minimize the cyber risks and strengthen third parties’ security posture which has been a major threat over the years for the company. The program ensured all the third-party vendors are adhering to the rules mentioned in the Third-Party Cybersecurity Standard (TPCS).


 What is Third Party Cybersecurity Standard (TPCS)

Third-Party Cyber Security Standard (TPCS) has put forward certain cybersecurity requirements for the large enterprises & small enterprises to minimize the Cyber risks and protect the company from possible cyber vulnerabilities.


Who should comply with TPCS?

All the third-party vendors and direct suppliers who want to do business with the government & Private Sectors must comply with the rules set by TPCS.


What is the validity of CCC?

The Cybersecurity Compliance Certificate is valid for two years from the issued date. But the manufacturers must follow all the required regulations put for by TPCS in order to maintain the validity.


How does 10xDS CCC program help?

The 10xDS CCC program helps organizations to develop Information and Cybersecurity Framework, formulate policies and procedures, conduct Information Security Awareness Trainings, perform pre-audits, support in implementation of controls, and other aspects to become audit-ready.

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